Natural nourishment for a balanced life. 

Botanistry Ayurvedic supplements are formulated for function and flavour.
The 100% natural plant powders are developed under the expert guidance of Ayurvedic practitioners and medical doctors in Sri Lanka. The tropical island of Sri Lanka is celebrated for its heritage in Ayurveda and ancient traditions in plant medicine. Our plant-based supplements are carefully crafted to provide daily nourishment for a balanced life. They aim to support immune health, muscle & joint recovery, skin health and better digestion. As a powder, they're easy to add into your regular food and drink everyday.

Botanistry dietary supplements are blended and packed in New Zealand with imported organic ethically sourced ingredients. Made in small batches and independently tested here in New Zealand, Botanistry strive for the highest quality and safety standards.

Receive a complementary recipe book with every Botanistry Blends order.