This is not a beetroot latte – this blend is a confident pink blend to support a healthy heart and all the things that it promotes like oxygenation, performance and living well. It also has two energy boosting adaptogens in it and an immunity tonic herb?!

Beetroot supports healthy blood flow, oxygenation, energy and performance. Its actually thought to support people to run fast and aid in strength.

Ginger is beets perfect companion as it is spicy and expansive while being a great stimulator!

Cordyceps extract – This is like the sporty spice of the shroom family, an adaptogen so helps support against stressie stuff and also is the go to for performance and recovery support

Eleuthero extract – One of the OG adaptogens, this herb is renowned for its magickal energetic powers

Astragalus extract – A beautiful herb which not only supports against stress but also has a real affinity for the heart and the immune system

Contains 24 serves