Need to Zen? Or having trouble falling asleep? Tranquility roller can help support your mind to relax and calm down.

Perfect for using before a Yoga session, going to bed, or when you feel restless and stressed. 

Roll on temples, wrists or neck for tranquil effect and let nature take it course with this sweet blend. 

Clary Sage is a very effective oil to bring on labor and stimulate contractions during birth. 

Essential oils 

Lavender is widely known for his healing and calming effects on both mind and body. Its been used to treat anxiety, insomnia and restlessness. 

Vetiver is a calming and grounding essential oil. It has been used to relieve stress, and help ease emotional traumas and shock. It can also be used to eased stings and burns. 

Clary Sage helps to calm the mind and ease tension in the brain. Its balancing effect improves mood and reduces stress. Clary Sage has antibacterial and soothing properties which help reduce redness and inflammation from skin rashes. 


Avocado oil, Pure Lavender essential oil, Vetiver essential oil, Clary sage essential oil. 

Avoid contact with eyes. Patch test recommended before use. 

If pregnant, do not use until due date or cleared by doctor or midwife safe to use. Clary Sage has been used to induce birth.