Chakras are the concentrated energy centres of the body. Our wellbeing on all levels can affect our chakras and vice versa. Dedicate time on your mat to work on your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health to strengthen and enhance them for a healthy life.

This eco friendly yoga mat is biodegradable and contains no harmful toxins.
Extra long at 183cm, 61cm wide, 3.5mm thick.
The natural tree rubber creates a durable and supportive base while the luxurious microfibre adds an ultra responsive grip surface for a safe practice.
Comes with a black carry string that can also double as a stretch strap. 


At The Mat Collective we focus on every step of our yoga mats journey. From the biodegradable materials, planet friendly inks and our manufacturing processes, we’re committed to being socially and environmentally conscious. We support sustainable techniques and processes to better our Mother earth. Our mat surface is heat pressed to the base, carefully considering the environment by eliminating the need for toxic glues or chemicals. The base is made from natural tree rubber and is 100% non-toxic. We take pride in ensuring our mats are packaged in eco friendly boxes and avoid using plastics at all costs.