Designed with beauty in mind, the bodhi collective 4mm yoga mat provides a beautiful setting wherever you may be. Made from non-toxic microfibre and natural tree rubber, it offers thick padding to ensure a safe and comfortable practice. Eco-friendly and cruelty free, bodhi collective removes the worry of being earth conscious, allowing you to stay strong, relaxed, and focused for your entire yoga journey.

- Durable for those who practice everyday
- Absorbent to ensure a safe and happy practice
- Extra long
- Comes with a black carry sling for your everyday travels
- 183cm x 61cm x 0.4cm


Best care . . .

We don’t recommend putting your yoga mat in the washing machine. Wiping the microfibre with a damp sponge or using a disinfectant mat spray will give your mat the care it needs.

Popping your mat in the sunshine is also great for killing any bacteria. We recommend a max of 1 hour once a month. Leaving it for longer can cause damage to the tree rubber and fade your print.