A fresh, green plant potion blended with herbal powders traditionally used to purify the blood, boost energy and improve skin

About Nettle - Urtica Dioica

Traditionally used as a nutritive tonic to nourish all body systems. Nettle is high in minerals and is known to have a gentle cleansing action through the kidneys. Nettle infusions can be taken to cleanse the blood and improve inflammatory skin conditions.

Directions add 2 tsp to your smoothie, warm mylk or add to baking. Add honey to taste.

Recipe Make a salad dressing with 1 tsp of Nettle + Spirulina Herbal Mixer, juice of one squeezed lemon and a drizzle of olive oil. Combine and add to salads. 

Ingredients NZ Wheatgrass* Triticum aestivum, NZ Barley grass* Hordeum vulgare, Spirulina* Arthrospira platensis, Nettle Leaf* Urtica dioica, Gotu Kola* Centella asiatica *Organic

Size 50g