Shroom doesnt contain those "other shrooms" so wont make Jim Morrison talk to you through your cat but it does contain some other mystical, powerful shrooms that are thought to support your physical, spiritual and mental being into the next realm.

So what makes up this chocolately, peppermint blend that gives it the goods? 

Raw Criollo Cacao - Its like raw chocolate baby, and we all love chocolate. It also contains a decent whack of minerals like magnesium and also the feel good plant chemical, anandamide which is known as the "bliss chemical" What's not to like? 

Chaga-  The king of mushrooms, this lovely big guy is actually more like a big old parasitic fungi that grows on birch trees.  It is a pretty amazing antioxidant agent alongside supporting healthy stress levels and immunity.   

Lions Mane - Not actual lions mane! I'm not keen on giving a lion a haircut in the name of health! Naa, this wierd looking mushie is like the the smart guy of the fungi world. Shown to support healthy cognition and a healthy nervous system like a boss. 

Gotu kola extract- Just one of my favorite herbs! This baby looks like a  magical little lily pad supports  a bangin brain, healthy veins and a calm healthy nervous system and its now super duper potent. 

Peppermint - Stimulates the senses while calming the gut and the mind 

This is the new wave way to start your day - get into this shroomy blend. 

All of our mushrooms are grown organically and third party tested here in NZ for heavy metals. You won't find any any sugary additives, gums, thickeners or fillers. Just real ingredients.