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An Ayurvedic Guide - Spring Wellbeing

An Ayurvedic Guide - Spring Wellbeing

Ayurveda, or ‘life knowledge’ is all about finding balance, and enabling each person’s internal environment, the body and mind, to work harmoniously with their external environment, the outside world. Seasonal living is a wonderful way to help support health and wellbeing, balancing the immune system and digestive pathways.

In Ayurveda, Spring is considered an important time of the year to detoxify. This is a ‘Kapha’ season where the Kapha qualities like heaviness, water retention, bloating and toxin build up are common. 

Just like the land itself, heavy and wet, after a winter of rain and/or snow our bodies too have accumulated this wet and heaviness. Spring invites itself to detoxing and cleansing to make way for new growth and renewal.
As the days get warmer and longer here are some of the ways we can shift our routine and life to be in more in season....

Winter is all about getting cosy and filling up with comfort foods. Spring is a great time to shift our diet to allow new growth and abundance. Reducing those heavier and oily foods in exchange for more fresh fruits, green veggies and legumes. Nature shows us the way - if we can eat seasonally, with what’s available and grown locally, we can see that nature really does provide us with what we need each season. Doing this also helps to reduce the harm on the planet as we’re not shipping out of season food across the globe.

The days are getting a little longer, it only makes sense to shift our routine too. Rising with the sun and perhaps going to bed a little later. It’s a beautiful time to start to reconnect with friends and family, go on adventures, to play. Feel a lighter and introduce a little more fun. 

Spring is also a great time to start to increase your exercise, whatever your level or interests, increasing the distance, frequency now is the perfect time. Stretch and release, adding yoga into your day particularly your morning routine can help provide clarity and boost energy for the day ahead. The best poses for this season are twists, back bends and sun salutations. Introducing some Pranayama, or breathing exercises, is also great as this is thought to help detox the body and increase oxygen flow. 

After what has felt like a long winter, I am more than ready to welcome Spring. This really might be favourite season, the warmer days and sunny skies, the new growth, the sense of adventure and excitement in the air for what’s to come. 

Here’s to Spring.
With love x

Our favourite products to help you cleanse and detox are the Detox Tea by Be WellC1 Detox by Beauty Tofu and the Gut Feelings Tea by Better Tea Co.
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