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4 Ways of Embracing Autumn at Home

4 Ways of Embracing Autumn at Home

We love sharing content created by our wonderful collective of wellness enthusiasts and this latest post has been written by the talented Lauren Shiels, interior designer and author of The Healing Spaces Project


Although summer is a blast, all those strong sunny days, late nights, swimming and adventures does require a little downtime to recover.

Autumn gives you the chance to still bask in warm days but the dawn and dusk gets a little shorter and chillier. Out come evening outdoor fires, knitwear, throws and skincare routines.

Here we'll share ways to embrace the coming season and feel great about it! No more mourning summer, lets lean in to Autumn and reap the benefits of being in tune with our environments inside, outside and within.


Sleep is like a bank. There is a certain amount that we need (that amount varies for each person) and if you borrow from your sleep bank with a late night, sleep debt will demand a repayment sooner or later. Taking care of yourself or self love is not indulgence, it is a necessity.

Supporting yourself with a good nights sleep involves good window treatments to block out any light that might keep you awake, either from a street light or even a really big full moon! Use breathable bedding and pyjamas like cotton, bamboo and feather.

Aromatherapy is a really lovely way to help calm the senses and pull you into the present moment - away from lingering thoughts and monkey brain, allowing you to move more into a restful state.

Pillow perfume


Taking mindful moments is relevant all year round, but a change of season is such a beautiful time to stop and pay attention to the subtle changes happening around us.

Put down the phone, the planner, the washing. Make yourself a cuppa and sip it outside.

Notice the slight change of temperature, any changes in the plants in your garden or surrounds in regards to their colour, the butterflies now present and breathe in any smells that are new. I promise after gifting yourself this small window to get present, the rest of the day will reap the benefits.

Take away tea infuser


For me, I spend a lot of time at the beach and rivers in summer and it's at this time my skin is at my best and I like to keep it that way.

Moisturised skin holds a tan for longer (if thats you) and taking the time to put love into your skin is a great way to slow down and enjoy your home more.

Turn your bathroom into a retreat by using aromatherapies like bath oils and infusers, have a plant or two in your bathroom to create a spa feel - these can be hung from the ceiling or in wall mounted pots to maximise space.

Contrasting textures like soft towels, stone/ceramic/wood accessories, create a multi-sensory environment and again help pull you into the present moment.

Botanical diffuser


A change of season can inspire a change of look.

If this is something you enjoy and in a way that doesn't necessarily involve a sledge hammer, changing your soft furnishings will achieve a big difference without much effort at all. Cozy throws thrown on the bed or sofa add layering and look inviting to snuggle in.

If your soft furnishings are a little musty from storage, spritz some room spray around to freshen up the space and have it feeling uplifted and clean.

Cushions or art that reflects autumn colours and textures will set the mood and the warmth by candlelight is stunning.

Outdoor cushions and throws are welcome by an outdoor fire pit and solar lights can stay out. Because it may be a little chilly but its still warm enough to toast some marshmallows!

Room mist

At the end of the day, nature is free and there is so much to learn, absorb, and grow from when we connect to our environments. These items are all curated with nature and you in mind to make minimal impact and embrace a slower lifestyle.

This might be a nice spot to mention that I have not been paid by Wellness Collective, but more like a passion led expression of collaboration.

I hope this short write up, has you feeling a little more excitable about the months ahead and the many blessings Autumn brings.

Have a fabulous day, designing your life - Lauren Shiels - 'The Healing Spaces Project' x The Wellness Collective.

Be Well x

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