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Mother's Day Gift Inspiration

Mother's Day Gift Inspiration

This Mother's Day, celebrate the extraordinary women in your life with the gift of wellness. At The Wellness Collective, we believe in the power of self-care and holistic well-being, and what better way to show your appreciation than with thoughtfully curated products designed to nurture mind, body, and soul.

From luxurious skincare essentials to soul-soothing aromatherapy, our collection offers something special for every Mum. Join us as we embark on a journey to honour and pamper the incredible mothers who deserve the very best. Let's make this Mother's Day a celebration of love, gratitude, and well-being!

So here are my top picks for great gifts for the Mum's in your life.

For the stylish Mum that deserves to be pampered

These body oils by Becca Project make the perfect gift.  Not only do the artistic bottles looks gorgeous on any shelf but the pure, organic oils and divine signature scent combinations make this a truly indulgent experience.  It's rich in antioxidants, natural fatty acids and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

I've got a bottle of the Wildflower scented oil which I use to feel a little extra special when getting ready for a night out - which as a Mum to two small boys I don't get to do very often! 

Also available in the Luna scent featuring Bergamot, Vetiver, Lime & Pepper.

For the Mum that deserves some time out to relax

We took these incredible blooming tea balls to an expo recently and completely sold out on the first day as they were so popular!  They are a true a sensory delight to view and to taste.  The packaging is perfect for a Mother's Day treat thanks to the quirky glass test tube and cork stopper. 

These balls are a blossoming bouquet of hand-sewn tea and botanicals that unfurl while steeping in hot water, creating an exquisite visual treat before your very eyes.   

For the Mum who loves creativity

Sometimes we all need to put down our phones and step away from the TV so one of our Unplugged activities could be perfect for a Mum that likes to unwind whilst doing something creative. 
Our pottery kits provide everything you need to create your own candle or incense holder at home or perhaps try a DIY painting experience which comes complete with a textured art canvas and some complementary paints and brush to make it your own.
For the ultimate Mother's Day experience why not make it a joint activity and get a couple of sets to do it together!

For the Mum who loves to try natural remedies

Customers have been going crazy recently for the Koa Organics all natural range recently and it's easy to see why.  Whether it's their amazing Magnesium Oil Spray (perfect for aches and pains and improving sleep), their Kawakawa Healing Balm (a skin saviour) or the divine Winter Mag Rub (great for cough, cold and sinus relief).  It's well worth checking out the amazing healing properties of these natural ingredients. 

For the Mum who appreciates beauty around the house

When I first took on The Wellness Collective and started looking for new products this Botanical Scent Diffuser was one of the first ones I fell in love with.  Handmade on Waiheke Island, the colourful botanicals come infused with one of five signature scents to give a gentle scent to your space.  Unlike a candle this can last for ages with a top up essential oil provided to keep refreshing the scent.  

I personally love the 'I am Vibrant' style with its uplifting Bergamot, Grapefruit and Lime notes and lunar charged clear and citrine crystals nestled in the base of the arty test tube.  

The most important thing 

Ultimately most Mum's don't need a gift to make their Mother's Day special.  Just show them how much you love them and how grateful you are for them and that will make their day. 

Be Well

Lindsay x 

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