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Bare Necessities x TWC

Bare Necessities x TWC

In the year ending June 2020, 58,500 children were born across New Zealand. Stats New Zealand reports that 13.4% of children lived in a household experiencing material hardship. This means they could not access essential items such as fresh fruit or vegetables, were putting off a visit to the doctors or were unable to pay a basic utility bill on time.  
These numbers translate to an urgent need for 7,839 Bare Necessities starter donation packs per year.   
The current health crisis has also caused unexpected hardship among families that would have otherwise been considered medium income households with the ability to afford the kinds of essentials that Bare Necessities provides. 
We now know that childhood poverty adversely affects adult employment, education, income, health and cognitive outcomes. The mother’s mental health is also crucial to the wellbeing of her child. This is highly concerning as poverty is one of the contributing risk factors to post natal depression. 
The team at Bare Necessities give customised starter packs to expectant and new mothers. The gifted items are centred around mothers' needs during the  antenatal stage as well as post-natal recovery and breastfeeding. Helping a family in need to get the essentials can take a significant amount of pressure off a young family and help them focus on meeting their child's needs with a positive outlook and hope. Through this they empower a new mother to welcome her new child into a world where she is treated with dignity and compassion. 
At The Wellness Collective we are proud to get behind this great charity. As mothers we know just how hard and demanding having a child can be, even under the best of circumstances, let along when experiencing poverty. Being able to offer mothers in need with something to make the start of their motherhood journey a little easier is something we can really get behind. We will be donating $1 from every sale to Bare Necessities to help this charity and mothers in need. 
If you would like to know more about or to support Bare Necessities please visit their website here - https://barenecessities.co.nz/
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