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Soul Wisdom with Brooke

Soul Wisdom with Brooke

Soul wisdom - 5 tips for tuning in

If there were a single blessing of this tumultuous year, it's that many of us have been caught wondering, expanding our thoughts beyond the 9-5 and our habitual rhythms of life and thinking, 'what do I really want?'.

I've always believed with my every cell, that life is to be lived according to our deepest desires; never to be half lived, never to be in chase of status quo for sake of safety in numbers.

The power we have to manifest our desires is extraordinary. But before we travel the road of visualisation and manifestation, we must first have clarity of exactly what it is we want. Whether it's a marketing campaign, house renovation, dream job or life project, having a crystal clear brief is vital to the quality of the end result. 

The collective speaks and says the 'knowing is hard'

As a Reiki practitioner, I've held energy healing sessions for clients of every age, profession and background. To begin, I take time getting to know my clients. Whilst these conversations vary, two questions remain constant. I ask, "what, if anything, and it could be a single word, emotion or way of being - do you not want to have to carry around anymore?" The answer shoots like lightning from their lips, as if it had been sitting at the edges of their being, waiting to be set free for an unfathomable amount of time before the very question was asked. The second is, "what, if anything, would you like to amplify or feel more of in your life?". Conversely, this answer always comes with a significant pause. As if for that moment, time stood still.  With every pause, from every client, two things become reaffirmed; we are not clear about what we truly want, and even when we are, we often feel as though we need permission to declare it.    

I understand how hard it is to know what you want. I myself, am still on the journey but having exhausted every available tool over the years to try and work it out; my search is no longer a desperate hunt for answers. I've relieved myself of the pressure and instead work to reconnect with my inner wisdom. No longer a slave to the chattering of my mind nor the romantic whims of my heart, I tune into a deeper soul knowing. 

Five tips for tuning into your soul wisdom;

  • Get present - Your soul's voice becomes louder when grounded in the present. Mindfulness rituals such as meditation and breathwork are incredible tools for connecting to the present moment.
  • Movement - Move your body to release stagnant energy and create space for your soul to speak. Sometimes simply leaving the house for a walk can cause enough shift to catch glimpses of internal clarity.
  • Creative expression - Inner wisdom can be felt in your body and heard in your mind, but there are other ways to listen to what your soul has to say. For me, it's writing. Just sitting with a pen and paper and free-writing any insights which bubble to the surface. Mood-boarding, drawing, dance, whatever your creative endeavour, explore it to reveal soul truths. 
  • Prioritise self-care - Self-care allows you to return home, connecting with who you really are. With a strengthened connection, you're able to hear more. To hear deeper than what can sometimes feel like surface-level chaos. 
  • Trust - Relationships grow stronger with trust, including the relationship you have with yourself. By telling your soul you acknowledge its presence and trust it will be heard, you'll find the lines of communication open to reveal a river of guidance. 

Brazilian author and spiritual guru, Paulo Coelho said, "when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it". So go big my friends, go bold, but first, tune into your soul to help get clarity on what it is you truly want, and when you find it, never feel it's not your place to say it aloud.

What's your soul saying? Explore, listen in and trust with all your being, that the answers you seek, often lie much closer to home.

Connect with Brooke, this month’s contributor or read more of her blogs here:

Instagram - @roamingforwellness_

Website - www.roamingforwellness.com


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