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Hello and welcome

Hello and welcome

Welcome to The Wellness Collective. 
Firstly, thank you so much for stopping by and visiting our little corner of the internet. We are grateful. 
The Wellness Collective came about through space, Covid-19 changed our lives in a way we weren’t quite expecting. It gave us time to think about what and where we were placing our energy and to ponder the possibilities. We wanted a way to connect and help others to feel connected, we wanted to support small businesses around the country that were doing great things and we wanted to feel passionate about the work we were doing. We had been thinking about it for quite some time but never felt like we had the time, until April. 
This period of social distancing and staying home was the result of a terrible virus and has been truly devastating for so many people, as well as businesses, and this is certainly not something we want to downplay in anyway. I don’t think we have seen the full effects quite yet, and we wish each and every person out there only the very best through this. There have some positives which have come out too. It has also allowed us to focus on the things that are most important, our family and our friends. It has caused the whole country (and a lot of the world) to slow right down and turn in. It’s allowed parts of Mother Nature to replenish. 
It is incredibly easy in our fast paced society to be busy, to be constantly available and running from one thing to the next with a never ending to-do list. We are so connected through our phones and social media, yet simultaneously so incredibly disconnected. Always available, but never truly there. Through this period of stillness we have had the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with ourselves and loved ones. Can we bring this more conscious way of living into the future as we head back to ‘normality’? I believe our souls and our planet are crying out for us to. We need real connection and meaning, and we have the opportunity to take the good from this and grow. To check in with ourselves and what brought us joy, gave us a sense of peace and bring that forward, to live in a more conscious way. To purchase more of what we need and have a better idea of where the things we purchase are coming from.
On a personal level this period of time was an incredible opportunity to grow and get in tune with myself. I didn’t realise but I was living in a constant state of alertness and minor anxiety, every time I would check my emails (every 15 minutes) I would almost hold my breath waiting to see what would be coming in and how that would shift my current workload and therefore what needed to be accomplished. It took two weeks for that to calm down and me to realise right now there isn’t going to be a constant stream of emails, it’s ok to unwind. To release and let go, without checking in and coming to that realisation I was carrying around so much tension. Allowing that to release is so important for my body, and it the time checking in with myself also meant I was able to be more present and to enjoy all those little moments of joy that can just pass us by when we’re busy. What a wonderful thing that is to simply enjoy a hot coffee, to hear your child laugh, to see and feel the sun streaming in your windows. Living consciously in the present moment I believe is where we find true joy. 
The Wellness Collective is a passion project that combines our love NZ made natural products, desire to build connections and community. We hope to share honest musings from ourselves and people around the country (maybe even world) share interesting and insightful articles about finding wellness and deliver divine products from beautiful local makers. We hope you enjoy this online space. If there’s anything you want to share, we’d love to hear from you.

Sending love to you all xx
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