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Energy. How's your flow?

Energy. How's your flow?


We are in constant flow, energy flowing through us, between us. Each interaction an exchange. Within us energy flowing in and out. Are we allowing it to flow freely or is it caught up in spaces? Are we capturing energy from those around us? Is it positive? Are we re-charging? Are we conscious of our energy and how we are feeling?
The energetic value of standing at the beach is so much greater than staring at our iPhones, yet instead of immersing ourselves in nature and healing rituals we so often take a break by staring at our screens. Our rituals and behaviours have such an effect on our energy, and therefore our lives. To protect our energy we need to be conscious of where, who and what effects our energy, say no to the things that drain you and make time for the ones that recharge you. When we are able to encourage flow, to increase the positive energy we are able to live a more active, peaceful and positive life. 
'Energy flows where intention goes’ - the power of our thoughts in incredibly significant. It takes the same amount of energy to think negatively or to worry as it does to think positively. Needless to say a positive space is a much better one to reside in. If we can focus the mind on positive thought we are able to create a more positive space and one with higher vibrations. We will fail, things will not always run smoothly but the key is to not hold onto those negative thoughts and that energy. It’s all part of the journey, on our journey we learn and we grow …. and isn’t that beautiful. That business that didn’t work was simply a learning experience, that person that broke your heart made space for you to grow stronger, be independent and find the perfect person for you, the trip that got cancelled allowed you time and space to explore a new journey.
The first step is being conscious of our energy. Checking in with ourselves and seeing how we are feeling. Meditating, focusing inwards with intention to open our chakras, practicing yoga, acknowledging the thoughts running through our mind and journalling are all amazing ways to check in with ourselves. Often emotions that surface are blockages in our energy - are we triggered by something we wouldn’t normally worry about? Are we feeling stressed, anxious or even angry? We may not always feel great, but through acknowledgement we are far better equipped to change our energy, to let the negative thoughts go, create greater flow and a more positive mind, body and soul. 
Be conscious and check in with yourself, stay away from people, places that drain your energy and find time for the things that recharge you. 

With love, 

The Wellness Collective. 

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