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Meet Terri, Doula & Yoni Steam Therapist

Meet Terri, Doula & Yoni Steam Therapist

Hello lovely reader,

I’m Terri, a doula and yoni steam therapist. I live in Papamoa with my husband, our 3 little girls and 2 very well fed guinea pigs.

Long before I embarked on my doula studies over 5 years ago, I was always a doula in my heart and soul, doula work has never been something I do but rather who I am, who I truly am. I feel such immense love and compassion for the families I have the honour of supporting and I truly believe that is shows in the care that I give them, we walk a sacred path together and I am privileged that they choose me.

As a doula, I support families in their birth, bereavement and postpartum journeys, I approach my care for my clients in a gentle, holistic manner where I offer support physically, emotionally and spiritually.

In birth, I hold space for a mother to stay focused on the bright, beautiful light ahead of her and supporting her to bring her baby towards the first light they will ever see. And then to settle them in their little orb of love. I am their biggest, fiercest cheerleader, making sure they always know they are loved and supported, their voice heard and wishes respected. I also love taking some pretty darn memorable photos of families in their most transformative times.

In bereavement, I hold family’s hands while showing them the light that life has to offer at a time of darkness, to take any and all good they can from the circumstances presented to them, to companion them towards a lighter, although altered future. To help them to see that for a little angel baby, they were and always will be their lightest and brightest haven where they were shown nothing for unconditional love.

In postpartum, I help mums adjust to a new normal while wrapping them in a glowing amber cocoon of care where they are nurtured, nourished, loved on, cared for, heard, rejuvenated and emerge feeling capable and confident in their new role. I cook and bake wholesome meals, play with older siblings, hold baby while mum sleeps, eats, has quality time with her older children and husband. I wholeheartedly mother the mother until her cup is overflowing.

Yoni steaming was something beautiful that I was always recommending to my clients and personally seeing amazing results with, it kept flitting in and out of my life until I decided I absolutely had to study to become certified and I have been hooked ever since! I love how my herbal blends can be sent all over New Zealand to assist clients with painful periods, cycles that are out of sync, menopause, miscarriage, sexual abuse, prolapse, postpartum healing, infertility, UTIs and so very much more. For me yoni steaming is able to show you that you are carrying around your greatest healing connection and power within you and that can, and should be, harnessed and given the love it deserves.

Basically I am a hand holder, a hugger (if that’s your jam), a listener, a supporter, a tea maker, a cheerleader, I’ll sit with you while you sleep if the thought of being alone scares you too much to close your eyes, I’ll go to a mamas coffee group with you if your anxiety terrifies you too much to leave the house, I’ll hold you tight when the world feels too big and scary, I’ll allow you to say the thoughts out loud that people say you shouldn’t think or feel. I don’t judge or expect anything from you. I am here to walk beside you on your journey, I am here to show you the incredible strength held within you.  

I’m just a village builder and if you’d like to connect with me please feel free to reach out. 

Email - terri@helpinghands.nz
Website - www.terribessa.co.nz
Facebook - @terribessadoula
Instagram - @terri_bessa_doula

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