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Here's to getting creative.

Here's to getting creative.

I’ve seen women insist on cleaning everything in the house before they could sit down to write..and you know the funny thing about housecleaning..it never comes to an end. Perfect way to stop a woman. You must be careful not to allow over-responsibility to steal her necessary creative rests, rifts and raptures. She must simply put her foot down and say no to half of what she believes she ‘should be doing. Art is not meant to be created in stolen moments only.
- Clarissa Pinkola Estes
I came across this quote and it really resonated. Although it speaks to creativity it’s so true of everything - of rest, of joy. Woman the world over are more often than not the primary caregiver, the cleaner of the home, the carer for family and the carrier of the, more commonly mentioned now, mental load of running a household. It’s a huge weight to carry and a lot to have constantly on our mind. We spend years rushing around trying to achieve something that is eternally elusive. Your home, especially if you have children, will never really be tidy or certainly not for very long anyway. The washing will never stop piling up. And there’s always more to be done, there’s always something that could be done ‘better’. 
This life, this chase, is so very easy to get caught up in. If you’re in that cycle, living that life, what kind of life are you leading? Where is your joy? Being a parent and wife is such a blessing and comes with so many incredible moments and so much love! It’s often something that we had spent time or even years hoping for, yet when it actually happens we can find ourselves feeling exhausted, stressed and not really enjoying it. 
To truly enjoy it though you’ve got to let go of the tidy, the orderly and the elusive. You’ve got to tap out and write, paint, run, rest…whatever it is that gives you light and pleases your soul. We know this though and it’s aptly named, selfcare. Generally found at the bottom of the to-do list. I’m here to advocate moving it on up that list, for claiming that time for yourself like it’s your goddamn right (because it is)!. 
Instagram, the patriarchy, perhaps even family or your hubby, might have you believe that a clean home with dinner of the table each night is standard, that you can have a family and a career and that things will be orderly - you just have to manage it, all with a smile and a perfectly filtered photo. I’m here saying that might be, if you push yourself, but it’s very unlikely it’s bringing you joy. If dinner tonight is toast so you can take 20 minutes to do yoga, or if your house is an absolute mess but you managed to spend a couple of hours today painting - that’s winning.  
Take some time today to relish what you have. Take some time today to create, it doesn’t have to be pretty or perfect but journalling, painting, drawing allowing yourself the freedom to get creative can be so therapeutic for the soul. Allow yourself to connect with your mind, with your body, with your soul - check in with how your feeling. Let go of the need to ‘do’ anything and truly let go. As women we are abundance, we are love, we have so much to give, so much potential - don’t let the weight of washing and cleaning drain this world of all the good, the love, the creativity within you.
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