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Meet Victoria

Meet Victoria

Introducing the wonderful Victoria from Wellness Station. Wellness station is located in Marlborough and focuses on wellness, movement & treatment - they offer pilates, yoga, osteopathy, musculoskeletal, ACC and pelvic health physiotherapy.  

Wellness Station offers a beautiful welcoming space for the Marlborough community to be well, encouraging everyone to do something for their own health, regardless of age or ability, and will guide our clients in a professional, supportive manner - creating a positive environment for all. In terms of pelvic health incontinence, prolapse, painful intercourse and pelvic health issues are common, and can all be treated with pelvic health physiotherapy. 

Tell us a little about yourself...

I'm Victoria, a mama of one, and one on the way. I live in Marlborough, with my husband, and fur babies. And my other baby - Wellness Station, which is a studio I opened 4 years ago after moving home from Melbourne. We have reformer pilates, yoga and physiotherapy. I'm a pelvic health physiotherapist so my clinic days are spent helping women improve their function and daily life, working with all things bladder, bowel and pelvis. The studio is made up of a whole lot of women who I'm privileged to work alongside, and that would have to be one of the most rewarding things. Seeing these talented, strong, multidimensional people turn up to share their knowledge, and help others - all under one roof, and balancing often many other facets of their lives in the background. That, and all the clients and friends that we have  walking through our doors to support us, and the community that has created itself in our little studio.

What's a piece of advice you'd like to share...

That's a tricky one! I often have imposter syndrome, and often think it's not my place to offer advice (except for when I'm working!) but a piece of professional advice that is really relativeable to my specific work environment and helped me alot, was to focus both on working 'on' the business, as well as 'in' the business. Often that has felt really challenging, as a health professional my day to day has always been with patients, but it's so important to take a step back and create the community, the feel, the little things that make a business real. 

What does wellness mean to you? 

The meaning of wellbeing to me is always about balance. Not so much as finding the perfect balance (as I don't believe that's a thing!) but constantly working on the sliding scale of incorporating the important things in your life. Some days this is a little easier, and you can feel accomplished and have time to eat well, move, breathe, slow down, work, organise, spend time with family and friends, be a mum, a wife - or whatever your family unit looks like, and other days it's best to just start again tomorrow! For me, I love to move with friends, a walk or a hike, or a class together. Cooking for others, and with others! And downtime. Sometimes that is self talk, mindfulness, exercise, reading, music and sometimes it's netflix!

Connect with Wellness Station on Instagram, Facebook or visit their website here - www.wellnessstation.co.nz
The Wellness Station is located at 4 Scott Street, Blenheim
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