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Why you should choose natural skincare.

Why you should choose natural skincare.

Have you ever thought about what you’re putting on your skin? Taken stock of the moisturisers, deodorants, makeups, sunscreens and what is actually in them?  We put these things on our body, often daily and often without too much thought. If we take the time to read some of the labels, and dig a little deeper into what is in these products, it can be a little scary to say the least. We can literally be putting hundreds of chemicals on our skin without realising. Our skin is our biggest organ, it literally holds us together, providing a protective layer that keeps our organs safe. It’s alive – breathing, feeling, expelling, sensing and absorbing. It doesn’t discriminate between natural or chemical, it absorbs whatever you put on it all the same. 

Fragrances, parabens, preservatives, detergents, sulphates and so much more are put into many skincare and cosmetic products without much regulation. The things we put on our skin are absorbed and go into our blood stream. Just one example is parabens. Parabens are used to extend the shelf life of cosmetics, shampoo and conditioner and skincare, they are absorbed into our bodies and are said to mimic the hormone oestrogen in the body which can increase the risk of breast cancer and affect reproductive functions.
Chemical-based skincare products are often harsh on the skin too. They can increase sensitivity, causing redness and soreness, and even skin conditions like eczema, creating the exact opposite affect we’re trying to achieve by using them. In contrast, natural products are gentle and kind to the skin, as they contain no harsh ingredients. 

It’s not just our bodies though that benefit from choosing natural products, it's better for the environment too. Body washes and soaps go down the drain and end up in our waterways. Sulfates, often found in any kind of foaming product such as cleansers, are manufactured from petroleum. They have toxic effects on marine life and they’re finding their way into our rivers due to being washed down our drains. 

If you needed another reason to go natural (and local) when it comes to skincare think about the animals. While here in New Zealand it’s illegal to test products on animals, in many countries overseas it’s still happening. Big brands such as Estee Lauder, OPI, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Nars, Maybelline and Clarins, to name a few, sadly still test on animals. 

We’re all for pampering and making yourself look and feel good in whatever way works for you, but let’s be mindful of what it is we’re really putting on our skin. Lets support brands that really care about what goes into their products, that care about our planet, that care about all beings. 

Here are a few of the beautiful natural and local made skincare brands we stock. 

Beauty Tofu. Plant based, natural, vegan, raw - this range is good for you and the planet. They have a beautiful range that includes a Charcoal and Vitamin C based lines. We’ve seen and heard great results from this line helping to improve problematic skin (and even digestive issues with their detox). Seriously if you’re looking for a skincare line that’ll give you a glow, naturally, Beauty Tofu is for you. SHOP NOW

The Skin Kitchen. Vegan, organic, natural. The Skin Kitchen offers a line of serums, body oils and bath salts. Simple products without too much fuss they’re everything you need and nothing you don’t. Our personal fave is the Coconut Body Oil, it’s smells divine and leaves your skin feeling soft. SHOP NOW

Be Kind Body Co. Natural and made in small batches in Nelson this lovely range includes a natural deodorant, face mask, body scrub, bronzing oil and mens face scrub. SHOP NOW

Wild Earth Natural Perfumes.
Ditch the chemical kind and enjoy beautiful fragrances naturally with Wild Earth. SHOP NOW

Sol + Earths Kitchen Sunscreen.
We have two amazing natural sunscreens, both all natural, reef safe and made right here in NZ. SHOP NOW

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