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Seasonal Living

Seasonal Living

Winter is here. The rain has certainly arrived and there’s a chill in the air. We’re brought out the throws and our sweaters are now at the front of the wardrobe. In western society we carry on, for the most part perhaps we the exception of summer holidays perhaps, throughout the year the same as always. We’re able to eat almost any foods we want and do whatever we want and although this convenience may seen great on some levels, I’m not sure it’s really allowing us to live in the best way. We are effected by the seasonal changes of the earth - the changes in daylight, the weather - animals easily adapt to this but us humans stubbornly refuse to surrender to natures ebbs and flows. We wouldn’t expect flowers to bloom constantly, so why do we expect ourselves to? 

Wondering how it is you should live in season? . . . .


Winter is a time of moon energy. The active period of summer is over and autumn has slowly transformed into winter. Although nature isn’t vibrant or seen at this time, it’s still there, its energy is simply withdrawn into the core of the earth. Winter is all about inward expression of energy. It’s a time to rest, spend time yourself and your loved ones. It’s time to mediate, sleep, relax and recharge for the seasons ahead. It’s a time to enjoy nourishing meals with friends, for cups of tea, reading books and selfcare.
During this cold and slow season, it’s great to reflect. To look back on what you have achieved and all that has passes. To think about what your goals and dreams are. It’s time to go inward, get quiet and listen to your heart. Although it can sometimes feel overwhelming to go inward, it’s also very healing. When we feel truly connected to ourselves and our desires it’s easier to find the path best for ourselves, to find what truly brings us joy. 

Spring is a time for rebirth. Everything is slowly waking up and coming to life again after a deep slumber during the winter, flowers begin to bloom, lambs are born, the sun gets a little warmer and we start to hear the birdsong a little more. Energy is rising and the feeling of new beginnings hangs in the air. It’s the time for cleansing, for setting intentions and planning and starting to plant or seed the things you’d like to see come to life.A good time to clear clutter from your home, to cleanse or detoxify your body for all that summer will bring. 


Summer is a time of active sun energy. For glowing, for blooming. The days are long, the sun is shining, temperatures are warm. The world around us is full of infinite shades of green, sounds of buzzing insects and summer fragrances. Summer has the energy of fire, growth, creativity and abundance.

Summer is the time of the year that we naturally have the most energy. It is the season to be active and to work hard on your dreams and goals. It’s time to be social connect with friends, meet new people, try new things, to explore and get creative. With longer and warmer days it possible to do more, to work and play. Summer is a time of celebration and all about outward expression of energy.


When autumn arrives the energy slowly starts to draw itself back into the earth. The leaves start to shift from green to yellow and red, the weather is getting colder, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer. Summer was all about outward expression of energy, but now it is transforming into an inward expression energy.

Autumn is a great time to finish any project you started in the spring or summer. You planted the seeds in the springtime, worked for it during the summer and now it is time to finish it and reap the benefits. It is a time to be grateful for all the abundance around us, and share meals with our loved ones to nourish ourselves before the cold winter. Slow down and get extra aware of the beauty and abundance surrounding you. Harvest the fruits of your work. Spend time outside while the sun is still shining to take advantage of that last warm sunlight. Autumn is also a time when our intuition is strong, so listen. Let go of things that no longer serve you and set clear boundaries.

As well as flowing with the energy of each season, it’s also great to . . . .

Eat seasonally. Food grown within the season you're in hold the nutrients our bodies most need in that season. It’s also kinder to our planet to eat food that’s grown locally. Although it might seem nice to enjoy a mango or watermelon in the middle of winter - the distance they would have needed to travel for us to purchase them in the supermarket is a little crazy that we ship fruit from the otherwise of the world simply for convenience. Planting a garden and growing your own food is also a great way to further connect with nature.

Spend time in nature, to flow with it, we must connect with it. There’s so many benefits to being in nature, grounding into the earth, breathing fresh air, moving out bodies - it’s good for the mind, body and soul. 

Rise and go to bed with the sun. Perhaps not literally, but sunlight hours offer a guide. It’s ok to sleep a little more in winter, it our time for rest.

Embrace the seasons of the earth. It is only natural to follow the earths rhythms and accept the changes they bring, experience them fully and be grateful for all that they have to offer. 
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