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Meet The Maker – Koa Organics

Meet The Maker – Koa Organics

All natural, botanically-inspired skincare products. With a love for nature and the outdoors, Michelle Brittain set out to produce botanically-inspired skin products that are 100% natural and organic. Koa Organics products are specially formulated to naturally enhance your health and wellbeing, while nourishing your skin. Here Michelle talks about the passion behind her business and how she balances work and family life and talks a little about the benefits of Magnesium and the best product to use for you.


A native leaf and a lovely walk through the forest! When I was walking in the Whakarewarewa Forest at New Year 2018 with my family, I came across some Kawakawa literally blocking my path and I decided to take it home to make a balm. When I tested the balm on my niece and her dermatitis cleared up in three days straight I knew I was onto something. I decided the balm needed a label and so I needed a company name. My middle name is Joy and the forest where I ride my bike brings me my greatest joy. So I looked up the Maori translation which was Koa and that seemed only fitting, and so Koa Organics was born. I try to eat organic food wherever possible so using organic ingredients was a natural move. I believe our bodies deserve the absolute best and I use nature as my divine guider when developing products. All of my products are botanically inspired in some way, because nature knows best.


After having my second baby late at 45, and all those lovely baby hormones suddenly departing, I started researching natural ways to manage the swinging hormonal symptoms I was having. I kept reading how women over 40 in particular are deficient in magnesium and it’s not present in our food like is used to be either. So the Magnesium Body Butter, which is my own formulation, was born. Realising that my magnesium products actually work effectively for hormone regulation, period pain, migraines, cramps, hot flushes and so much more – and that I can help women live their lives with less pain and more enjoyment – brings me so much joy. It spurs me on every day. I’m continually getting amazing reviews from women who benefit from my products every day, and often their partners too!


I work every day but I try to give myself time in the morning to meditate and exercise so I that I’m able to give energy and time to my family as well. I chunk time up during the day and it seems to work well for me and them. If I work a morning market, I always make sure we have some fun time in the afternoon. My husband helps me solve problems, and we’re often labelling the products at night together. My gorgeous four-year-old son ‘helps’ me pack the orders in the morning and actually he’s quite good at it! My 23-year-old daughter lives in a different city and is studying to become a nurse but she joins me at the General Collective Lifestyle and Design markets as my Sales Assistant. She brings a scientific knowledge base to the discussions we have with customers around magnesium so she’s super helpful, and also a beautiful human to be around.


A little more about the Magnesium Products by Koa Organics.


Magnesium, applied topically it supports overall health in so many ways and can be a supplement for most individuals. It can reduce camping, including menstral cramps and improve sleep because magnesium is a calming and soothing mineral. Magnesium can also treat headaches and migraines, reduce PMS symptoms, help with night sweats and hot flushes, promote a sense of calm and wellbeing, help depression and anxiety, increase sleep quality.

magnesium body butter

Magnesium Oil or Magnesium Butter - which one is best?


Designed for ritual application and enjoyment the Magnesium Body Butter is the one for massaging into your muscles and body. It's gold for getting right into tight muscles and soothing them into relaxation.

Even though both will work as effectively as each other the Magnesium Body Butter is absolutely sublime on the soles of your feet at night for encouraging better sleep. And you cant beat a good night's sleep! We like to keep it on the bedside table and apply last thing at night after a shower when the pores are nice and open.

Magnesium Body Butter can be enjoyed on the legs; calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes after exercise to soothe and iron out sore muscles when you need extra rubbing.

Magnesium Body Butter is the best one to try on kids because it’s more gentle. Mixed with organic Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil the butter softens the effect of the magnesium but carries it through the skin to where it’s needed. Our products are 100% natural and safe to use on kids.

For pregnancy we recommend trying the Magnesium Body Butter for the same reason, its more gentle on the skin. Especially suitable for stretching tummies and relieving stretching ligaments. For sore aching legs and feet it's just the best! Just avoid trimester one to be safe and start with a little pea sized amount to see how you go. A little bit goes a long way. Once you have had baby the Magnesium Body Butter is super useful on the shoulders and neck for relieving breastfeeding aches and pains, and a little bit on babies feet for helping them get off to sleep.


Despite it's name the Magnesium Oil is actually a brine! Its a spray application, straight onto the affected area and it soaks into your skin quickly. So if you are on the run during the day and don't have much time, this is the one. Like a spray and walk away!

We also love the Magnesium Oil for places like the tummy it dries super quickly and its less oily under clothes. For a quick feeling of calm and to help reduce anxiety, a couple of sprays on the tummy and voila!

Or try the Magnesium Oil on the top of your spine to ward off headaches and migraines. Keep a bottle in your kitchen and as soon as you feel one coming on, apply straight away.

For period pain, spray the Magnesium Oil on your hips and lower tummy over the hormone areas.

You may feel a tingle on the skin when applying, and if so don’t worry its perfectly normal. Its just the body telling you its depleted of magnesium and after time it will go away.

The Magnesium Oil is stronger than the Magnesium Body Butter although they both work effectively and are interchangeable. At the end of the day it comes down to your personal preference.

View the range of Koa Organics Products online here.

If you’d like to know more about Koa Organics visit www.koaorganics.co.nz or connect with Koa Organics on Instagram or Facebook.




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