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The subtle art of going slow. It sounds simple, yet we so often find ourselves doing the opposite. It’s all too easy to get caught up trying to tick off the never ending to do list, to stay in a space of busy and ‘I need to’, to let our ever present monkey mind reign king and take over. To constantly internalise, analyse and think that more is more. The reality though is that our to-do lists will never really completely be done, the goal posts are constantly shifting and the washing, the dishes and the emails will continue to pile up. We must carve out time to be still, to slow down….we must make it the priority it is. Like water and food our mind and body need times of stillness to rest and rejuvenate, this time allows us the space to see things differently, reflect and to choose a difference pace to continue on with our day. 
In the pursuit of fulfilment we can often find ourselves feeling the need or accomplishment of busy, in an age of social media we can end up looking for quick hits of endorphins or connection from Instagram, however most of the time there is nothing truly fulfilling from these and we must ensure we are nourishing our mind, body and souls along the way. Connecting with our inner most selves to ensure we really are ok and that the lives we’re leading are in alignment with what we really hope for, that we’re living in the present and actually enjoying our everyday. Ultimately our everyday is our life, if we keep rushing through it, we end up missing it. 
So slow down, in my experience slowing down has allowed my mind the space to process better, trying to quickly achieve a lot often leads to a frazzled mind that isn’t performing at it’s best.
Mindfully Moments. Try implementing a mindful moment into your day, make it your morning (or afternoon) cup of tea or coffee. It doesn’t need to be long but if we can make it a daily ritual it can greatly effect our mood and the flow of the rest of the day.
Acknowledge this time as yours and allow yourself to truly relax. 
Choose your most loved mug. 
Open the tea bag or box mindfully, smell the tea, watch the way the water pours over the bag. 
Feel the cup of tea in your hands, how does it feel? How do you feel? 
Choose a place to sit that you are comfortable and enjoy. Listen, what do you hear, what do you see. 
Take notice of your breath. Choose slow, deep breaths. Check in with your body, drop your shoulders, feel if you are holding any tension in your body and breath into that space releasing it. 
Taste your tea, how does it feel on your tongue, what does it taste like?
Acknowledge any thoughts running through your mind and then let them go, feel what you need to feel but then release it to the universe. 
Continue on like this until you finish your cup of tea and then take note of how you feel. Completely optional but this can be a beautiful time to set an intention for the rest of the day.
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